The aim of scouting is universal - to help young people to become responsible humanitarian citizens, who can appreciate and practice loyalty, courage and self-respect in an international perspective. With social support and the co-operation of volunteer leaders, the Scout Movement in Japan provides fun-filled, challenging programmes, with an emphasis on developing each youth member's character, health, abilities and sense of service to others. It is non-political, voluntary movement, open to all regardless of origin, race, gender or creed. Those who have physical or mental difficulties are also welcomed, to achieve the ideal of scouting for all.

We are proud that Founder Robert Baden-Powell's world-wide spirit of scouting blended with the Japanese traditions and spirit is now blossoming out and moving on to meet the changing needs of society and young people.



Scout Motto: Be Prepared
Promise: On my honor, I promise I will do my best to do my duty to God/Buddha and the country, and to obey the Scout Laws, to help other people at all times, and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.
Scout Laws:
1. A Scout is faithful
2. A Scout is friendly
3. A Scout is courteous
4. A Scout is kind
5. A Scout is cheerful
6. A Scout is thrifty
7. A Scout is courageous
8. A Scout is thankful
Cub Scout Motto: Always, Be in High Spirits
Promise: I promise to behave honestly and steadily, and to follow the Pack Laws.
Pack Laws:
1. Cub Scouts obey
2. Cub Scouts look after themselves
3. Cub Scouts work together
4. Cub Scouts help younger ones
5. Cub Scouts do good deeds
Religious Policy:
The Movement is inter-denominational, and the members are encouraged to have a clear conviction of the existence of God.
The Association is not connected with any political body.

National Headquarters

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